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4 Reasons to Study with AIVD

Melbourne’s Leading Training Provider

So, you’re looking to start studying. Whether it’s your first career or your next career, AIVD is here to support you throughout your journey.

We know it can be hard when selecting what vocational training provider to study with, so we’ve highlighted some of the great things that separate us from our competitors. We’ve narrowed it down to 4 key things – Cost, Training, Location, Mode of Delivery, and our Trainers. Keep reading to discover why AIVD might be the best choice for you.


We are proud to be an approved Skill First Funding Provider, meaning that we have the opportunity to assist prospective students with gaining government funding (based on eligibility requirements). Under Skills First, students can be eligible to apply for government-subsidized places in qualifications that meet the demand of our economy, and become part of the six sectors predicted for major growth; including our health training courses, civil construction courses, telecommunications courses and childcare courses.

This means when our students graduate, they are not leaving with a debt to repay.

Training Locations

We have 5 metro Melbourne study locations and offer classes across regional Victoria in places including, but not limited to:

  • Ararat
    • Ballart
    • Bendigo
    • Geelong
    • Horsham
    • Portland
    • Swan Hill
    • Shepparton
    • Warrnambool

This flexibility allows students to select from one of 10 study locations, and will often allow students, in particular, our regional students to save on travel costs/accommodation compared with one of our counterparts that do not offer regional training.

Mode of Delivery

When it comes to delivery, there are a few points that differentiate us.

The class sizes here at AIVD are small (15-20 students per class) meaning that our students get individualized support and 1:1 attention in the classroom. Additional tutoring is also available outside of the classroom to those who may require it.

In addition to smaller class sizes, we focus on delivering face-to-face education as we know that many students favor this type of education. Not only can this assist with motivating students to complete their class but does allow for the above-mentioned additional support that occur outside of the classroom in comparison to virtual classes.

Our Trainers

Each of our trainers has industry experience, meaning they have worked in the industry in which they train, allowing them to pass along first-hand information and anecdotes to their students. These anecdotes help a lot of our students understand the specific courseware and make the connection when relating it to the real world.

With their industry experience comes industry connections. Our trainers and wider staff have created a wealth of industry connections over the years, which allow us to offer specialised excursions and guest speakers, which our students tend to rave about. In addition, our industry connections also allow us to assist students to access placement opportunities with industry leaders, allowing our students to participate in placement at a pre-organised facility, and fully take advantage of the opportunity as placement hosts trust the quality of students coming into their facility. Unsurprisingly, a lot of our students make such a fantastic impression during their placement, and as such, receive job offers from the facility.  

Further to these points, many of our 5-star reviews mention the high quality of our trainers and we totally agree!

It was a fantastic program, with a great teacher who listens and helps to teach in an inclusive way. The learning is done in a safe environment, at a highly professional organisation who are welcoming to all. [AIVD provides] more 1:1 teaching to help all to learn and understand in a calm and informative setting. I would highly recommend this course or any course at this company.”
Cassandra achieved her CHC43115 Certificate IV in Disability with us in November 2021.

Ultimately, we know that we are just one education provider amongst many in Victoria, however, we know that we meet the needs of our students, provide quality training, and when students complete their class, they are job-ready.

When it comes to selecting a vocational training provider, everyone will have different needs, so it is important that they research and find a provider that suits them.
To find out more about AIVD, and how we can assist you on your training journey, you can contact us on 03 9310 5980 or email us at
We can’t wait to host you on campus soon!